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Digital Photography - is the art and science of producing and manipulating digital photographs . Digital photographs can be produced in a number of ways: Directly with a digital camera By capturing a frame from a video By scanning a conventional photograph Once a photograph is in digital format, you can apply a wide variety of special effects to it with image enhancing software. You can then print the photo out on a normal printer or send it to a developing studio which will print it out on photographic paper. Who Enrolls in this Course? People who just got a new camera and want to get the most out of it People who are new to photography and looking for help The family photographer who wants to capture memories of children and family trips People who have been taking photos for years and just want to get better
About Director : Mr. Sanjay Shah Born on October 20, 1967 Mr. Sanjay Shah is a qualified engineer in Power Electronics. Mr. Shah has a wide and rich experience of over 26 years with India’s premier and largest ventures i.e. Institute for Plasma Research (IPR), Space Application Centre (SAC – ISRO) and Nova Petrochemicals Limited. Moreover, Mr. Shah is amongst a few Certified Energy Manager who have passed National Certification Examination for Energy Manager from Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power, Government of India. Hailing from a small village, Mr. Shah had a vision from long time to educate the neediest and poor people in the vocational and professional courses. That vision leads him to become an entrepreneur by becoming a founder member of Kalapurnam Institute. Today, under the expert administration of Mr. Sanjay Shah, Kalapurnam Institute stands as one of the premier organization in India. Mr. Shah has attended many international conferences during this tenure. Mr. Sanjay Shah is also associated with Jain International Trade Organization (JITO), JITO Business Networking ( JBN ) Pioneer Chapter, Jain Jagruti Centre ( JJC ). Moreover, he is an active member of the Zalawad Jain community. Despite of busy schedule, Mr. Shah pays equal attention to religious activities, reading as well as yoga and sports. His contact : Call / WhatsApp : 91 9824222888 Email :
The ability to quickly record impressions through sketching has found varied purposes in today's culture. Courtroom sketches record scenes and individuals in law courts. Sketches drawn to help authorities find or identify wanted people are called composite sketches. Sketching is a type of drawing that is done free hand. It is often a technique used to create initial representations of final drawings or designs #Kalapurnam Offers You Diploma in Professional Sketching #Sketching Institute in Ahmedabad
Vacancy for 3d Exhibition Stall Designer at Ambawadi, Ahmedabad -------- looking for candidates who can work on 3D max and create exhibition stalls. The person should be well versed with 3D MAX software and have a flair for designing / visualisation. A working knowledge of AUTOCAD would be preferred. Fluency in English language would be an added advantage. The vacancy is for 2 people and will be a full time job from 10 am till 7.00 pm. He/she may have to stretch the working hours in case of some workloads. Call Sanjay Shah 09824222888 Kalapurnam Animation Institute
When people ask me "What photography equipment I use ?" I tell them "My eyes"
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