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Institute for peace & secular studies POSTER DESIGN Live COMPETITION KALA MEANS ART AND PURNAM MEANS PERFECTION AND KALAPURNAM MEANS PERFECTION IN ART. Creativity is there in each and every form of work that you create, and it is giving birth to kala and helps you discover your ownself. It is the precious gift that everyone should cherish, and when you have such a power of kala you can make the world follow around you. It is the kala that differentiates one being from other it brings your culture and values that you have being inherited through the kala and it gives you the essence of living the life filled with kala around you and it gives a purpose to keep on exploring your inner kala that leads you to the path that can give you a appreciation as well as acknowledgement that is worth it. And kala comes with lots of patience , dedication and the inner soul that inhales kala as its main source and when you are searching for such a motivating , artistic , oppor-tunity filled on your way then we can direction and make purnam alive in your kala and give you the wings to fly and make million people’s dream become true . When kala and purnam meets the creative world gets the alive and be the creator and the soul of this world. As purnam is the essence of kala without it is incomplete and lifeless. TOPIC / THEME : Digital Poster Making of Kalapurnam Means KALA MEANS ART AND PURNAM MEANS PERFECTION Date : 8th FEB 2017 Submit Entries To : Darshana Patel Contact : +91 9824 222 888 Prizes Worth : 1st Prize | 2nd Prize | 3rd Prize
#Best wishes on the day of Vasant Panchami. It is a day of apperance of #Saraswati Devi. We at #Kalapurnam says - - Time between birth and death is to get education, wisdom, knowledge. Kala means Arts. Purnam means Perfection. Kalapurnam means Perfection in Arts.
Kala means Art Purnam means Perfection KalaPurnam means Perfection in Art our institute are offering so may courses like : #visual Effect ( vfx ), #Animation, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Multimedia, #Graphic Design, #Architecture Design, #Interior Design, Fashion Design, #Photography. Gaming, Web Design. For further details please call us to +91 9824 222 888
Kala means Arts Purnam means Perfection KalaPurnam means Perfection in Arts --------------------------------------------- Gujarat’s Largest Training Campus. Excellence in Education Since 2006.
ABOUT KALAPURNAM INSTITUTE Multimedia, Art and Design all three fields are based upon creativity and integrity and at Kalapurnam we strive for both along with perfection. Since year 2006, we are into training animators and designers. Our aim is to shine the talents of the people through sensible and innovative strategies in order that they sparkle out as successful animators and designers in near future. Both short and long term courses are being offered here. All courses are designed in accordance with the current trends and latest developments. “You walk in with your dream, you walk out with your future”. Kalapurnam means ‘Perfection in Arts’. We over the past 12 years, with the help of experienced and able faculties have developed a very practical and comprehensive course structure which we revise, modify and restructure year after year. Internships and Placement Assistance is guaranteed, Portfolio Making, an entirely Audio Visual Curriculum, Site Visits, Workshops, Participation in Competitive shows/ Activities, are some of the features that add to the value of our course
Another face of Fashion Design Style is the simple way of saying complicated Thing. This is the complete sentence to describe Fashion. We are here to say you Fashion design is both practical and theatrical subject also related to IT. Because without software how can you know about color combination, light and dark shade, length, perfection. So this is Digital part.
7500 - Maximum limit of number of following reached. Instagram Kalapurnam Institute #Perfectioninarts
7500 - Maximum limit of number of following reached. Instagram Kalapurnam Institute #Perfectioninarts
Digital Fashion Design Course #Perfectioninarts
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