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participation in Ahmedabad auditions of MTV & ‘Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth- Season 6' This is in ref to our telephonic conversation about your College/Institute participation in Ahmedabad auditions of MTV & ‘Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth- Season 6’ to be held on 2nd Feb, 2017 at IIM Ahmedabad. This is a continuation to the successful run of the previous 5 seasons wherein we have always received an immense participation from across the best Colleges/Institutes like IIM, IIT, FMS, XLRI, SIBM, IIFT, NIFT, IHMamong others across 11 cities in India. This year again, we take this opportunity to extend an invitation to your institute to participate in the sixth edition of ‘Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth - Season 6’–a Hunt for India’s most Talented and Versatile Youth. “Colors of Youth” (COY) – a unique path breaking initiative by Maruti Suzuki, is a National B-School & Professional College Challenge in which students would compete with each other by demonstrating their Versatile Personality & well rounded Talent. It will be telecasted on MTV as a reality show. The competition is: • A TALENT HUNT in any category – • Music (Vocal or Instrumental), • Dance • Other (Stand-up comedy, Innovation, Car Graphics, Rapping, acting, painting or any unique talent etc.) This year it will be contested across 11 cities at the selected Professional colleges/Institutes and Business school campuses, followed by 4 Zonal rounds and the Grand Finale in New Delhi. Undoubtedly, COY-Season 6 is posed to be a mega television show that will offer students a platform to showcase their Colors-Talent & Versatility to the country at large. Highlights of Season 6: · Coveted Panel of Celebrity judges-Miss. Lauren Gottlieb, Bollywood Actress & Versatile Dancer/Performer and Mr. Benny Dayal, a renowned Bollywood Singer of the ‘PappuCant Dance Saala’ fame . · Special professional ‘Training Partners’to mentor the winners of the City Rounds in their respective cities. These mentors would prepare the City Round winners for their battle on stage at the Zonal Round and will provide a dedicated 5 day training before the Grand Finale. This is an effort to provide a holistic approach to enhance the talent and skill of the students discovered at Colors of Youth. · Mega Prize for the winner of Season6- A sparkling new ‘Maruti Suzuki VitaraBrezza’. The Ist and IInd runners up will win exciting cash prizes along with recognition on the TV show. We take this opportunity to invite your Institute to participate in ‘Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth - Season 6’. For any queries you may visit or email us at We are overwhelmed by the encouraging response that we have already started receiving. We look forward to your institute’s participation in this pioneering initiative. Please send us the list of all the interested participants from your institute on the above mentioned email-id for registration. Best Wishes, Team- Colors of Youth, Season 6 Procedural Guidelines: 1. The participation would be restricted to students who are pursuing professional courses in any field. 2. All participants would be required to carry their own instruments or accessories for their performance at the auditions. 3. Allotted Time Duration for Performance would be – 90 seconds 4. All participants would be entitled to receive a Colors of Youth Goody bag and a participation certificate on the day of the audition. 5. Pick-up & drop facility may be provided in case more than 8 students participate from an institute.
Make one minute film on Traffic issues and Enter for your chance to win Grand Prizes from 6 various categories. We invite students and professional technocrats to participate and prepare one minute film on Traffic Problem and Remedies. Give us your solution and you could stand a chance to win under 6 categories. Hurry! Don't Miss Out Registration Date. Registration Starts from 25th July. Certificate and Momento will be given to everyone who have registered for this competition. For more informatin, visit at Facebook page :
Institute for peace & secular studies POSTER DESIGN Live COMPETITION KALA MEANS ART AND PURNAM MEANS PERFECTION AND KALAPURNAM MEANS PERFECTION IN ART. Creativity is there in each and every form of work that you create, and it is giving birth to kala and helps you discover your ownself. It is the precious gift that everyone should cherish, and when you have such a power of kala you can make the world follow around you. It is the kala that differentiates one being from other it brings your culture and values that you have being inherited through the kala and it gives you the essence of living the life filled with kala around you and it gives a purpose to keep on exploring your inner kala that leads you to the path that can give you a appreciation as well as acknowledgement that is worth it. And kala comes with lots of patience , dedication and the inner soul that inhales kala as its main source and when you are searching for such a motivating , artistic , oppor-tunity filled on your way then we can direction and make purnam alive in your kala and give you the wings to fly and make million people’s dream become true . When kala and purnam meets the creative world gets the alive and be the creator and the soul of this world. As purnam is the essence of kala without it is incomplete and lifeless. TOPIC / THEME : Digital Poster Making of Kalapurnam Means KALA MEANS ART AND PURNAM MEANS PERFECTION Date : 8th FEB 2017 Submit Entries To : Darshana Patel Contact : +91 9824 222 888 Prizes Worth : 1st Prize | 2nd Prize | 3rd Prize
Dear Potential Franchiser, I want to personally thank you for inquiring about his franchise opportunity. Chances are you found out about used member of one of our team members. I hope this package provides you with enough preliminary information that helps you to determine if you are truly interested in owning a business of your own. As you may or may not know, owning your own business is not a easy task. It usually involves more time, energy and dedication than working for someone else. It is very rewarding and gives you personal satisfaction, which you may not have encountered in your job. We are looking who are winners. I don't believe in that you will meet people with more caring, loyal or energized anywhere. Our team is the greatest. I am quite proud of that, we have accomplished over the past eleven years. As you read through this package, you will see why we say "This is not just a company, it is a concept!" We would love to have you as a team member if you are up for it; if you are ready to make it happen. I don't want to be thought of as someone who only sells 'franchises’; that is not my intention. This is not a get rich quick scheme and I am not doing this just for the money. I have designed this business as if I were going to do everything on my own. I asked myself "What Should I want in a franchise?" And that's exactly what I have structured. I don't want to pressure you, rush you or to push you into anything which may not be right for your situation. Only you and your family know what's best for your future. Thank you again for your inquiry and tell to your friend. After all, we built this company on 'word of mouth'. I am herewith furnishing some advantages of becoming franchisee of “Kalapurnam Institute.” Sincerely, Sanjay Shah Director +91 9824222888 P.S. Please complete and mail me the enclosed confidential questionnaire. If you full-fill all criteria we will contact you for a personal meeting. Why Should Take Franchise of Kalapurnam Institute: Less Risk In a nutshell, the greatest advantage of a franchise system is that it reduces risk of business failure. This is due to the fact that being an ethical fmranchisor Kalapurnam Institute has a tried, tested and proven business concept in the market place. Therefore, most of the wrinkles have been ironed out and the risk to the franchisee is minimized. A franchise of Kalapurnam Institute provides an established product and service which already enjoys widespread brand name recognition . This gives the franchises the benefit of a pre-sold customer base which would ordinarily take number of yours.   It is a well known fact less than 7% of franchise owners fail within the first 3 years, as compared to overall 90 % of new business start ups. Competitive Edge Franchising enables a small businessman to compete with big businesses and a franchisee can take advantage of the economics of scale. Add to this Kalapurnam Institute has reputation in the industry; the franchisee can trade under a recognized brand and should have a distinct advantage over any independent small business competitor. In theory at least, the products, services and system will have been previously market tested and therefore they come to the franchisee with a certain degree of 'ready acceptance' by the client. Franchises offer the independence of small business ownership supported by the big business network. A franchise enables a small business to compete with big businesses, more so than an independent small business, due to the pool of support from the Kalapurnam Institute and network of other franchisees. Products and services have already been established a market share. Therefore there is no need for market testing. Training and Support Through training imparted by Kalapurnam Institute, the franchisee climbs a very steep learning curve in a shorter period of time, thereby increasing their chances of succeeding considerably. The franchises has the benefit of the management and administrative experience of Institute addition to which we will provide back up and support including trouble shooting services to assist franchisees in their daily endeavors. This support includes managerial and administrative services, product information and marketing support. No Previous Experience Needed  No previous experience in a particular business is necessary for a franchisee to operate it. All deficiencies are made good, again, by training imparted by our institute. Any lack of knowledge on how to run a business is not a problem as we will provide the necessary training to the franchisee. Hit the Ground Running Franchisees “hit the ground running” when they open a franchised of brand name, proven business system and products and services which have been market tested. Pooled Resources A franchisee has the ostensible backing of a large organization and this is achieved by the pooling of resources, Particularly, in the field of advertising, marketing and promotions where each franchisee, by contributing a little, can have a benefit of large fund for this purpose. Franchisees are therefore able to have their goods and services promoted through media which would otherwise be closed to them. In a well-run and structured franchise business, the franchisee is left to concentrate on selling the products and services while at a same time receiving of continuous market research and development to improve the business and the franchised system. Exclusive Territory Franchisees are given exclusive territorial rights and this, in effect, gives you a monopoly over the area allocated to you, certainly in terms of doing business under Kalapurnam Institute trade name. In Addition to Above: You will use a recognized brand name and trade mark. Financing the business may be easier. Banks are sometimes more likely to lend money to buy a franchise with a good reputation. You can benefit from communicating and sharing ideas with, and receiving support from, other franchisees in the network. You will be offered important pre-opening support: site selection, design, financing, training and grand opening program.
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